Derrick Deng

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Crystal Chen
Crystal Chen
11 months ago

The learning intentions from Week 1 to Week 5 are outlined as follows: Present Simple Tense Past Simple Tense Present Continuous Tense Present Perfect Tense Derrick improves a lot in interacting with the teacher and he is more concentrated on the sessions. He has a good understanding about the grammar has learned because he could always makes 95% of the homework correct. He is positive in attending each session and he always tries to solve the issues in class. It is recommended that Derrick could focus more on the following aspects: 1. Summarise and categorise the learning intentions on his… Read more »

Essential English Grammar
Feedback Time
Week 5
Obey class discipline (遵守课堂纪律)
Very good(很好)
Actively contributes to class discussions(积极参与课堂讨论)
Very good(很好)
Work completely in a timely manner(及时完成课堂任务)
Very good(很好)
Demonstrate persistence with challenging tasks(擅于接受有挑战性的课堂任务)
Very good(很好)
Uses class time productively(有效使用课堂时间)
Very good(很好)
Finish homework in a timely manner (按时完成作业)
Very good(很好)
Outcome of homework (作业完成质量)
Very good(很好)
Understand sentence structure and express in a proper manner (理解英语句子结构并正确使用)
Very good(很好)
Competent to summarise key points (擅于总结所学语法点)
Understand the key grammar and connect with exercises (理解主要的语法点并能实际运用)
Very good(很好)