Admissions for Brighten Education

Admissions for Brighten Education

1. Trial: All courses in BE offer free trial once (except VCE courses and one-to-one courses);

2. Concessions: For details of tuition discounts, please refer to the relevant notice for each semester. There is no discount for the one-to-one courses and teaching materials. Students who apply for the comprehensive improvement course in English mathematics can study science courses for free (Y7-Y9);

3. Payment: cash, EFTPOS, credit card, and Alipay WeChat can be used. Please make sure to note the student’s name when transferring, and charge 2% for the credit card;

4. Refunds and postponement of class hours: The reported courses can be deducted in advance during the course of registration. The remaining class hours after deduction are not allowed to be postponed or refunded. The refunds involved must be advanced 1 month in advance. Inform the school; VIPs can be extended to follow-up teaching.

5. Students know: Students are required to arrive at the school 10 minutes in advance to prepare for the lesson. The school is not allowed to leave the school area at will. The school is only responsible for the safety of the school area (in the BGS junior high school teaching building and Hawthorn teaching point); BE The science curriculum of each subject is closely related to each other. Students must learn on time in order to make gradual and continuous progress. If they are absent for various reasons, BE cannot guarantee the learning effect. When students are on leave, if there are parallel classes, students will be compensated for supplementary courses, otherwise, You cannot make up classes;

6. Parents: Parents should be familiar with the child’s course content, time schedule and contact information of the teaching affairs; each time attendance and records are recorded by the teaching affairs. For absent students, the school will call the parents immediately, and please pay attention to the school phone and information; Communicate with the school district supervisor to understand the situation of the child, and actively participate in various activities that help the child grow up healthy, such as parent meetings, briefing sessions, and semester activities; pick up the children on time, BE only assumes responsibility for safety management in the teaching venue during the teaching period; BE teaching style Supervisors will record your child ’s performance in the classroom, and after 3 recordings, they will truthfully report back to the parents. Please cooperate with them to regulate the style of the child’s learning; your child’s photos or videos may appear on BE’s posters, websites or videos. If you do not wish, please inform by mail. If it is not explicitly notified, BE is deemed to be allowed by default; if the BE teaching aid is damaged by the child, please repair or replace the same quality product.

Parents are welcome to call 0400 619 156 or email: to complain to the school supervisor about teaching and service quality issues, make suggestions and comments, BE will take it seriously and actively reflect on continuous improvement.


Brighton (HQ): 80 Outer Cres Street, Brighton VIC 3186
Hawthorn: 9 Queens Ave, Hawthorn VIC 3122