Bridge English & Maths (four terms) with Materials – SALE 20% OFF


Bridge English & Maths (four terms) with Materials – SALE 20% OFF

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English Mathematics Fast Integration course is designed for non-native English speakers with a weak English foundation, especially newcomers. The course aims to improve students ‘English reading and writing skills, expand students’ English vocabulary, establish a preliminary grammar system for students, and quickly adapt to the Australian learning life.

BE self-edited teaching materials (with different emphasis for different students), which integrates common mathematical English vocabulary, English key grammar rules, basic English writing skills and Australian cultural common sense.


  1. It is highly targeted, focusing on and training basic English reading and writing skills, the expansion of vocabulary / expressions and other vocabulary in mathematics, the explanation and application of major grammatical points, and common sense in Australian / Western culture;
  2. Through a lot of classroom exercises, quickly turn the points of learning into practice;
  3. Progressively and continuously consolidate the knowledge learned;
  4. Adjust the teaching progress according to the specific difficulties and progress inspiration of each student;
  5. The learning effect is obvious, and the comprehensive English ability can be greatly improved in a short period of time.


BE English Mathematics is quickly integrated into the curriculum system:

  • BE English Mathematics Rapid Integration Course (1-2 Term)
  • BE English Mathematics Fast Integration Course (1-2 Term)