English & Maths Classes (one term) with Materials

English & Maths Classes (one term) with Materials





The Comprehensive English Mathematics Science Improvement Course is a comprehensive course including English reading, writing, mathematics, and logical reasoning. Y7-Y9 also covers increasingly important science courses.

The use of Australian general publicly-published teaching materials combined with BE self-edited teaching materials is used to help students lay a solid foundation, fill in gaps, and use the content of 1-2 Term in advance of Japanese schools to obtain a better ranking in Japanese schools, and then strengthen the corresponding content can have Ability to get a scholarship.

The Chemistry, Physics and Biology classes in Australia are called “science” in grades 7-10. The design of science courses in Australia is based on practicality and application. Students ‘ability to understand, imagine and reason is fully utilised. Students are required to apply principles to explain phenomena and draw conclusions with principles. This has a significant impact on students’ English language, logical thinking and English writing ability. There are high requirements.


  1. Elite day school VIT experienced teachers teach;
  2. Mass review questions and summary review key review materials;
  3. According to the daily school progress and the weekly summary frequency, the knowledge points are refined to form a characteristic lesson plan;
  4. Refining students’ daily problems and summing up experience points in time, teaching is more targeted;
  5. Progressively and continuously consolidate the knowledge learned;
  6. The learning effect is obvious, and the comprehensive English ability can be greatly improved in a short time;
  7. Flexible arrangement of classes according to the grade of the student’s day school combined with the different foundations of various disciplines.


  • Same progress with day school Y4 – Y10