English Writing (two terms) with Materials – SALE 10% OFF


English Writing (two terms) with Materials – SALE 10% OFF

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In English listening, speaking, writing, writing is recognized as the most difficult one. It involves the ability to express language and logical thinking, and the improvement of both skills requires years of practice. From the perspective of language learning, writing is of great significance for the advancement of language ability and improves students’ logical thinking ability.

In the process of expressing in the target language, students will notice the gap between what they want to express and what they can express, so that students will realize the language knowledge they do not know or partially know. This feature can stimulate the initiative of knowledge of new language knowledge, so as to more actively absorb more effective input. After writing a sentence or paragraph, they are often checked and modified to find more precise words, check the grammar, and adjust the sentence pattern. Through this feedback modification process, the sensitivity to language can be gradually improved.

Writing can mention the role of language activation. In writing, we are constantly looking for more suitable expressions, and we can also make targeted improvements to the problems exposed in them. Writing can also play a role in promoting reading and listening. In reading and listening, it is easy to notice the content related to previously written or thinking topics, and it can quickly extract information.

The process of writing is the process of thinking, and it is only possible to write clearly if you think clearly. Writing exercises provide an opportunity to give us the opportunity to think deeply about some everyday topics and improve our ability to think in the process.


  1. VIT teacher with an average of 7+ years of teaching experience taught in English;
  2. Systematic textbooks to improve students ‘writing skills in a step-by-step manner based on students’ foundation;
  3. Australian teaching system, spiral teaching, solid foundation, progressive layer by layer.


  • Elementary English Writing Enhancement Course (for Y2-Y5)
  • Intermediate Class for Special English Writing Improvement Course (Suitable for Y6-Y7)
  • Advanced English Writing Course (for Y8-Y9)