Grammar & Vocab (one term) with Materials

Grammar & Vocab (one term) with Materials





In the study of English, vocabulary is the foundation of learning English, and grammar is the foundation of any language. It is the customary usage rule in human language use. The side effects of poor grammar on English learning are hidden and comprehensive. It may not be as obvious as listening and reading, but it will restrict the overall improvement of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Grammar is a discipline, a science that studies and explains the rules of grammatical structure, and an understanding and explanation of objectively existing grammatical systems. The task of grammar is to describe and explain the rules and format of the constituent words and short sentences. The Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary has a similar explanation: “rules for forming words and combing them into sentence.” The meaning of grammar determines that grammar has an important meaning in language learning and use.

At a more macro level, language is a system, and grammar is the rule of the system. The ability to communicate and logical thinking are all based on mastering the rules. In the process of grammar learning, in addition to remembering the basic grammatical rules, we must also understand the meaning behind each grammatical rule in the context of the grammar, and continue to practice through reading and writing to improve the grammar level.


  1. On average 15 years of teaching experience, bilingual teachers teach in English;
  2. Systematic textbooks, step-by-step technical improvement of student system rules;
  3. Fun and formulaic learning methods to make children like the boring grammar courses;
  4. Combine the Australian teaching system, spiral teaching, solidify the foundation, and progressively advance.


  • Grammar and vocabulary rapid improvement elementary class (suitable for Y2-Y5)
  • Grammar and vocabulary fast improvement intermediate class (suitable for Y6-Y7)
  • Grammar and vocabulary advanced advanced classes (suitable for Y8-Y9)

Note: Specific needs to be graded on the basis of students