Innovative Aesthetic Painting (four terms) – SALE 20% OFF


Innovative Aesthetic Painting (four terms) – SALE 20% OFF

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“Look at the world from a child’s point of view, and based on aesthetic education through games, experiences, exploration, and creation, let children feel the joy of active learning and cultivate children’s creative and confident energy.” force”.

Modern western society advocates aesthetics and cultivates the sixth sense of “beauty force”. It has become a new manifestation and new competitiveness in the world! Beauty and creativity need to be precipitated, and precipitation needs time to accumulate, and the correct method is required to cast! For children, their ability to feel beauty is innate, but it needs to be developed through a planned and diverse education. To increase children’s artistic genes and enhance their artistic literacy, the most appropriate thing is for children to create, play, observe, and explore. The invisible is far more important than the visible!

At present, most of the fine arts education is mainly based on copying demonstration paintings. Most of these “looking” paintings will appear rich in content, refined expressions and magnificent colours. This over-aged performance is to some extent Ignoring the children’s inherent rich and unique imagination and image creation characteristics of individual age differences. BE insists that every child is different and has different foundation and aesthetic creativity.


  1. Learn from the characteristics of modern aesthetics and art education to form a curriculum system and teaching model that is more suitable for children of different ages;
  2. Continue to develop children’s visual potential, and systematically cultivate their inner self-portraits and self-rich emotions and self-confidence;
  3. Heuristic guidance for children’s cognition at different ages, to develop the characteristics of children’s spontaneous learning and creative thinking;
  4. Through the appreciation of different artistic expressions, the course teaches children to use a variety of painting techniques and learn a variety of painting techniques in a step-by-step manner to comprehensively improve children’s comprehensive artistic literacy!


①.BE Art Preschool Beauty Course: Golden Graffiti Period
Children’s beauty course is an art lesson plan specially developed for young children. In the form of games, picture books, stories, songs, etc., children are encouraged to respect their inner feelings and release their emotions. They use various drawing tools, bold graffiti and color matching to maintain, guide, Raising children’s strong interest in painting is the first priority to help young children through the golden graffiti period of their lives. Adaptation age: 3-5 years

②.BE Art Awareness Course: Golden Enlightenment
The consciousness and beauty course is the art lesson plan for children who have passed the graffiti period and moved to the conscious painting stage. Through planning creative learning and image modelling creation, they focus on developing memory and imagination, especially imagination, to inspire children’s creative thinking. Through the guidance of dots, lines, and faces, the child is led through the graffiti period and enters thematic guided teaching to cultivate children’s interest in colour, shape, and aesthetics. Adaptation age: 6-8 years

③.BE Advanced Art Course: Golden Creation Period
Through advanced planning and step-by-step teaching, the advanced Meili course develops children’s abilities in colour, modelling, art appreciation, creative inspiration, etc., and focuses on creating key periods of painting and drawing techniques. Children use a variety of tool materials such as different brushes, colours, and drawing paper, and use their hands to independently create their own works of art. Suitable age: 9-12 years

④.BE Art and Beauty Course: Gold Sublimation Period
The Meissmeily course guides art teaching content in depth from the perspectives of appreciation and artistic thinking, and leads children to strengthen the use of colour and modelling and drawing and painting techniques. Inspired by art appreciation and creativity, the necessary ability to establish artistic aesthetics is thus Benefit for life. Adaptation age: 13-16 years