Reading Club Classes

Reading Club Classes


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Almost all parents who value education in the world know the importance of reading to their children. More and more parents have cultivated their reading habits since their children were young; they have superb reading ability, understanding ability and understanding of the world. Ability.

The BE Efficient Reading Course is specially designed for students who have not developed reading habits. The BE team selects a wide range of English materials and uses flexible and diverse teaching methods to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for English reading and acquire them in a subtle way. Language and culture also lay a solid foundation for students’ future writing.

The ultimate training goal of BE efficient reading course: make children a lifelong reader, and benefit reading for life.


  1. A wide range of reading topics: selected topics such as fairy tales, fables, literature, nature, geography, humanities, history, technology, sports, engineering, architecture and other topics that are of interest to students and are closely related to life. Let students perceive the world through reading;
  2. Reading under the guidance of teachers: flexible and diverse teaching methods, learning a variety of reading methods and skills, learning to analyse and interpret different texts;
  3. Collision of sparks of thought: Guide students to communicate each other’s knowledge and feelings after reading. Such communication allows students to collide with sparks of thought and learn to interpret from multiple angles.


Joyful Reader

  • Level 1, 30-200 words, suitable for Prep-Y1
  • Level 2, 200-400 words, suitable for Y2-Y4
  • Level 3, 400-600 words, suitable for Y4-Y6


High Flyer

  • Level 1, 600-800 words, suitable for Y5-Y6
  • Level 2, 800-1000 words, suitable for Y6-Y7
  • Level 3, 1000-1200 words, suitable for Y8-Y9

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Joyful Reader Level 3 Mon 4:00 – 5:30 PM, Joyful Reader Level 3 Sat 10:30 – 12:00 PM, High Flyer Level 3 Sat 10:30 – 12:00 PM