Speech (one term) with Materials

Speech (one term) with Materials




Speech and eloquence play a very important role in the growth and development of young people. Learning to speak and improving eloquence are both the needs of today’s society and the needs of young people’s growth. According to the requirements of “21st century skills”, training young people’s speech and eloquence is the top priority of global education. The ability to communicate is not only a matter of speaking, but a portrayal of a person’s accomplishment and comprehensive quality. Learning to speak and eloquence can help students break through themselves, quickly improve their self-confidence, change their introverted personality, eliminate the nervousness of field fright when speaking, enhance effective communication, show their personality, develop their potential, and finally build extraordinary self-confidence.



  • Efficient communication
  • showing self-charm
  • enhancing self-confidence
  • overcoming tension
  • vivid language, clear thinking
  • clear thinking
  • strong expressiveness
  • treat life positively.


Level 1 Eloquence:
Breath training: learn scientific vocal skills;
Recitation training: learning tone, intonation, pause, frustration;
Language organisation training: learning vocabulary use and vocabulary organisation;

Level 2 Lectures:
Speech basis: Diagnose students’ expressive ability, understand the speech;
Speech image: walking posture training, eye contact training;
Confident speech: gesture expression adjustment, action emotion and content combination;
Speech mood: Overcome the psychological tension of speech and make preparations in advance;
Speech content design organisation: speech opening quote, speech theme highlights, speech organisation logic, speech end;

Level 3 Quality:
Gratitude education, positive attitude, good habits training, etiquette training;
Master the methods of dealing with people, improve habits, and effectively express the true heart
Improve communication and oral communication skills, improve IQ and EQ, understand politeness and share with others, and actively and happy healthy growth.